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Organ donor

In Australia my traffic license was endorsed “Organ Donor”. I guess that is no longer an option – I’m running out of organs to donate.

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At last – some better news

Yesterday I had some more CT scans to check out the chest and pelvic areas. Provided those areas were relatively clear I would be accepted for further screening to enter a drug trial based in Auckland. At my appointment with the Oncologist today I received the news that the lungs and pelvic area are clear and that I am “an excellent candidate” for the radioactive spheres trial in Auckland. I must now undergo the first two doses on chemo on 7th and 21st November and then I will be flown to Auckland for further scans of the liver. One more hoop and then I can donate my body (or the rotten bits anyway) to science.

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Working for the ‘not-so-rich’ and famous!

We visited the Oncologist again today and learnt more about her. Last time we discovered she is related to Bronwen by marriage. Today she told us that while working in London a while ago she treated John Diamond, author of “Snake Oil” and late husband of Nigella Lawson the TV chef. Now that I’m on the list she can add the “not-so-rich” tag to her “famous” patients.

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Memories and monkeys

Bronwen and I went to see the Imperial Russian Ballet production of The Nutcracker Suite on Friday night. It was an excellent occasion. (I noticed people dress up better for these shows than for church and celebrating the Lord’s table!) It was a memorable occasion after a tumultuous couple of weeks.

While marvelling at the music and choreography, I the thought again crossed my mind that we are not descended from apes! Some well-meaning animal worshippers go into raptures when an ape uses a paint brush to put colours on a canvas or mimics some human actions.

An ape could never come up with something like the story, music, costumes, choreography, or staging of The Nutcracker Suite or Swan Lake, or even Mamma Mia! That speaks of special creation.

From the center stalls of the theatre, while watching the ballet and making memories with Bronwen, I was able to worship God.


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There’s a time and a place …!

I guess when you’re being interviewed about something as potentially serious as palliative treatment the staff might expect you to be grave. (forgive the pun!).

I am being considered for a drug trial where researchers inject radioactive particles into the liver along with the normal potent potion of chemotherapy drugs. There are two ‘arms’ of the trial: one is chemo only; the other is chemo plus the radioactive spheres.

I was being informed that the Oncology Department could not tell me which arm I would have. Being a ‘bear of very little brain’ I commented that either arm was fine by me: left or right. If they wanted to use the right, then I would learn to sign cheques with my left!

The nursing sister was not sure how to react and Bronwen rebuked me for my premature levity. She explained to the staff that as they get to know me they will not be shocked by such comments.

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In Lighter Vein – “Life’s Cliches”

Life is not all doom and gloom. Just so you don’t think I’m sitting around staring at my navel all the time, I thought I’d post another poem I wrote shortly after penning “Light in my long night“.

Life’s clichés

If a faith-lift’s what you need
And you’re down at the mouth
The heat is on and you can’t stand the pace
Get on your knees and wait on God
And He’ll transfuse His strength
So you’ll leap through any hoop
And hurdle walls.

If you’ve said that you would die
If you had to front the crowd
Death to self is what He wants for then His power
Will enable you to do it
And the crowd will be aghast
As the Master gets the praise
For what they see.

If a mass of crocodiles
Makes you lose sight of your goal
And it slips your mind you came to drain the swamp
Remember what God did for Dan
When thrown among the lions
What God did to shut their mouths
He’ll do again.

If your gas tank is empty
And there’s nothing left to give
And your get-up-and-go just got up and went
That’s when the Father starts to give.
For out of nothing He makes worlds
He turns serpents into fish
And stones to bread.

When life has turned to custard
And then you’re served a lemon
And your time is filled with silly trifling things
Pour the custard on the trifle
And add sugar to the lemon
Set the table and enjoy
A cordial feast.

When you cant see the highway
For the tears that you have shed.
When you come to ‘wits-end-corner’ and you’re lost
God who knows the way will meet you
In a bottle store your tears,
Slip into the driver’s seat
And steer your life

It’s a paradox
A heavenly paradox
That Jesus turns our failures into joys.
He who died to die no more
Lives to even up the score,
So for those who own His name
He’s Guarantor.

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