Hospital has its own cancer!

13 Oct

I’m frustrated that I still have to wait over a week to get to see an Oncologist, having been told by my surgeon I would get an urgent referral. The Oncologists, Surgeons, Radiographers, et al reviewed my case together last Monday, 6th. The Surgeon made a special appointment to see my during his rounds on the Wednesday morning because he had no clinics till this week and he wanted to see me urgently. He told me Oncology would be taking over and would probably see me this week. Not so. They have a different way of doing things and Monday 20th is when I will get my first appointment with an Oncologist. I can make no lifestyle decisions till then nor get any indication about treatment regimes until then either.

The waiting is frustrating!! Perhaps that’s why we are called ‘patients’. But then should we say Doctor’s ‘practice’?

In the end I have to rest in knowing that even this is not a surprise to God and He has it all under control.

After all, God is well aware that the socialised medical system of NZ suffers from its own cancer. Under this present government the cancer of bureaucracy has spread out of control with secondaries in administration. The doctors and nurses here are excellent and when I was in hospital for my scans, the treatment was equal to Hobart Private, the only private system I’ve experienced. If they could only surgically remove some of the tumourous bureaucrats and shrink the adminstration metastases, things might improve and patients might become more important than schedules. Just to be communicated to as an individual with feelings by administrators would help!

Vote National.


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