Memories and monkeys

27 Oct

Bronwen and I went to see the Imperial Russian Ballet production of The Nutcracker Suite on Friday night. It was an excellent occasion. (I noticed people dress up better for these shows than for church and celebrating the Lord’s table!) It was a memorable occasion after a tumultuous couple of weeks.

While marvelling at the music and choreography, I the thought again crossed my mind that we are not descended from apes! Some well-meaning animal worshippers go into raptures when an ape uses a paint brush to put colours on a canvas or mimics some human actions.

An ape could never come up with something like the story, music, costumes, choreography, or staging of The Nutcracker Suite or Swan Lake, or even Mamma Mia! That speaks of special creation.

From the center stalls of the theatre, while watching the ballet and making memories with Bronwen, I was able to worship God.


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