19 Oct

What questions have I been asking God?

To be honest, the thought “why me?” has not entered my head.

The only question I’ve been asking God is “why now?” I have not exhausted the “three score years and ten” that humans were reduced to under God’s anger, nor am I “old and full of years” (at least not in my estimation). After years of ministry I also feel that I am only now starting to get a handle on the Kingdom of God that our mission in life is all about. This was what Christ preached and Paul debated and reasoned with people about. I have been discovering how easy it is to discuss the Scriptures and Jesus, even with rank pagans, when the basis is the Kingdom of God rather than the “Four spiritual laws”. 

I also have continuing responsibilities to Bronwen and the grandchildren who are living close to us for whom I am the major visible male role model at the moment.

And so I ask, “why now?” – I’m just starting to get the hang of what life is all about and enjoying it more than ever before. Needless to say, I’m praying that in His mercy, God will grant me an extension on the tenancy of this body.

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