Scans worse than hoped for

12 Oct

I saw the surgeon last Wednesday who gave me the good and the bad news, informed me they did not plan to operate and that Oncology would be getting hold of me quickly to discuss prognosis and treatment. I am still waiting to see the oncologist and I have had to wait till Bronwen returned from a 10 day break with Pip & Mark in Australia before telling her and the rest of the family the diagnosis.

I have a stage T2 cancer of the lower bowel – just above the rectum. They believe I’ve had the cancer for at least 5 years and possibly between 7 and 10 years!  Its evidently known as the hidden cancer because one can have it for up to 15 years before symptoms become obvious. Apart from a few polyps the rest of the bowel is clear. That’s the good news.

Unfortunately some cells must have broken away at some stage and I have secondaries in the left and right nodes in the groin (N2) (I think that’s the right description) and also cancer spots in both lobes of the liver (not so good!!). Naturally the outlook does not look great. To fulfill my responsibilities to my wife, grandchildren and unfinished business of the Kingdom I need a miracle. In spite of the emotional ups and downs I still have a very strange peace.

The frustrating thing is having to wait till Monday week (20th) to even see the Oncologist, let alone find out when I will start any proposed treatment. We have a lot of questions to ask and we can’t really make any decisions until we have more information. Bronwen is understandably fragile – she nursed her mother through the final stages of bowel cancer. I think its harder for her and the family than me.  I would love to be healed obviously, but I want to know how best Christ can be glorified and have the assurance that those I love will be adequately cared for should I not make it back to full health.

In all other respects I feel fine – just a bit tired after an emotional roller-coaster weekend of telling family and the church this morning.


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