There’s a time and a place …!

25 Oct

I guess when you’re being interviewed about something as potentially serious as palliative treatment the staff might expect you to be grave. (forgive the pun!).

I am being considered for a drug trial where researchers inject radioactive particles into the liver along with the normal potent potion of chemotherapy drugs. There are two ‘arms’ of the trial: one is chemo only; the other is chemo plus the radioactive spheres.

I was being informed that the Oncology Department could not tell me which arm I would have. Being a ‘bear of very little brain’ I commented that either arm was fine by me: left or right. If they wanted to use the right, then I would learn to sign cheques with my left!

The nursing sister was not sure how to react and Bronwen rebuked me for my premature levity. She explained to the staff that as they get to know me they will not be shocked by such comments.

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