Thy will be done

07 Oct

I wrote this poem the night before visiting the surgeon to find out the results of the Scans and blood tests. Obviously I was looking for the best outcome and wrestling with my own emotions. I do not believe Christ’s final statement “Thy will be done” was a defeatist cry or sigh of weak resignation. He had broken through to victory and was ready to call His betrayer “friend”. I am seeking to come to the same point

Not my will but Thine
Creation trembles at the Master’s plight:
Like Him I wrestle with my vows
The test of values I espouse
A heart divided cowed with fright
Can’t nerve me for the coming fight.

Not my will but Thine
My will would have me save myself and run
The blasphemy of sallow faith:
From duty’s call to seek escape;
Safety first, makes cowards run,
‘Tis not the focus of a son.

Not my will but Thine
His will, to face the danger and the foe;
To crush the tyrant’s dark campaign;
Release the captive from his chain;
Restore creation and bestow
His glory on it here below.

Not my will but Thine
Sees past the fight to conflict won.
No hint of resignation’s blight
But an embracing of the fight
And echo with heav’n’s favourite Son
The vict’ry shout, ‘Thy will be done!’

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