Am I a workaholic or what?

24 Nov

I was gardening on Monday after having had the first dose of chemo from Friday to Sunday. The reactions did not appear to be too severe with only slight feelings of nausea and the annoying electric shocks in the fingers if I touch something cold. So I decided to spend a couple of hours weeding and digging in green material into the garden.

I became aware that I was thinking, “It’s OK for me to garden today because I’m sick!!” Once again I found I was justifying to myself why I wasn’t visiting someone or preparing messages or fulfilling other church responsibilities. That’s the reason I don’t enjoy golf – I keep thinking of all the other things I should be doing.

Fortunately I recognised the lie and consciously decided I was going to enjoy gardening, even on a Monday morning!

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Posted by on 24 November, 2008 in Humor


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