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22 Nov

I got some positive news about the radioactive spheres trial yesterday. I go up to Auckland next Sunday afternoon for the angiograms on the Monday, then fly home on Tuesday. Back into Christchurch on the Thursday for blood tests and chemo on Friday/Sat and Sun, then if the Auckland tests are OK, fly back there the following Tuesday to have the spheres inserted.

Once the spheres are inserted there is a strong likelihood that they will make a significant difference. I have been promised a look at the scans to see the cancers for myself, but the research nurse has said that most of them in the liver are very small, with just the 4 larger ones. Hopefully the small ones will disappear and the others may reduce to the point where they can cut them out. Best news I’ve had on that front anyway. Just got to get through the angiogram test. According to the Auckland radiologist less than 10% of my liver is affected based on the scans I’ve had. The Auckland angiograms get sent to the International HQ of the trial and they do a 3D picture. According to the Auckland radiologist, this could reveal a lesser percentage.

I had 4 hours of chemo with 2 lots being pumped in. Immediately it was over I was as sick as a dog. Then they realised that someone had goofed and I had not been given the anti-nausea pill before the treatment (supposed to be administered 1 hour before). They immediately gave it to me intravenously and I came right within a few minutes. My colour changed rapidly from good to grey and yellow, before back to normal. I have another small bag, about the size of toilet cystern float strapped to me with a needle and tubes going into my portacath. That pumps more chemo in at 5ml per hour until Sunday afternoon when I have to return to the Hospital to have it taken out. The only side effect I’ve felt so far is tingly fingers. I cracked open an egg from the fridge and it was like lots of little electric shocks in my finger tips. Touch anything cold and the same thing happens. Not allowed to have cold drinks or eat anything from the fridge or below room temp and have to stay out of the cold. Its supposed to go away within 3-4 days after each treatment. Too early to tell yet what other side effects I may have.

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