God moves in mysterious ways

27 Nov

The Hurunui News article has produced some amazing responses. Of course we’ve only heard the positive ones. Several people who I would have imagined were ‘hardened’ to Christianity and faith have commented favourably and asked me how I became a Christian in the first place.

Others with different ailments, including heart problems have said that now they feel they can talk about their own situations. 

A visitor from USA phoned from a town where he’s staying with his wife to say they ‘felt prompted’ to visit a man they had met a few days earlier. When they got there he was resting and his wife told the couple her husband is suffering from bone cancer.The couple talked with the wife for a little while and then returned to where the resort where they were staying. In their mail was a copy of the Hurunui News and they read the article. Later that afternoon the USA christian couple were phoned by the Cancer Society nurse in the area who informed them that the sick man was looking forward to seeing them if they would visit him again. The couple asked the nurse if she’d seen the article. She replied that she had, and that she’d taken it to the sick man. The man with the bone cancer was wanting to talk with these USA christians who had ‘just popped in’ about how he could find the same peace and faith as the man in the article.


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