Accepted for radio-active spheres trial

03 Dec

I got word today that I have been accepted for the SIRT Spheres trial being conducted out of Auckland University and the Auckland hospital.

I will have a smaller dose of chemo than usual this Friday and for the next 2 doses following the insertion of the spheres. I understand that the radio-active spheres must carry quite a kick and they don’t want to knock me down completely! Very comforting.

Bronwen and I will travel to Auckland on Tuesday 9th Dec for the procedure on Wednesday. There is also another artery in the liver they want to emobolise (there’s my favourite word again – usually has such a negative association!)

I will be in isolation for 24 hours being highly radio-active. I will then be released and we will stay with one of my brothers in Auckland for 7 days during which time Bronwen is not allowed to sleep in the same bed; I am not allowed to be in crowded places; children and pregnant women cannot come near me, and other adults must come no closer than 2 meters and not stay long. If I lie on the grass I am told it will go brown!

Hope it works!!!


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