Radioactive spheres inserted

11 Dec

On Wednesday I had the spheres inserted into my liver. There was a slight hiccup from the week before with one of the embolisms ‘leaking’ so they had to plug that artery further. There was another artery that also needed embolising so that was done as well. Because some other vessel was misbehaving the Radiologists had to revert to Plan B which was to insert a catheter and divide the spheres between both lobes of the liver. Apart from my heart rate dropping drastically at one point (bradychardia), the procedure was otherwise uneventful and virtually painless. 

I returned to my ward where I was isolated for 36 hours. Bronwen came to visit me but was not allowed past the door. Nurses coming to take BP etc spent as little time as possible in the room.

Bronwen spent the night in the Cancer Lodge just over the road from the hospital and received a visit from Alex and Rosemary (one of my bros and his wife) which was very nice.

The spheres are quite radioactive for 7 days and reduce over the next 3 weeks to have finished their work in 28 days. It will be 4 – 6 weeks till I know if they have had a positive effect upon the tumours. I have been told 25% of the liver is affected but neither the radiologist nor the professor heading the trial seemed to think that was extraordinary!!!

Bronwen and I are staying at Alex and Rosemary’s house in Cornwallishaving a quiet few days together, though apart. It is frustrating not being able to cuddle and kiss your spouse in such idyllic surroundings when there are only the two of you – completely alone. (I will have to channel my romantic urges into creative writing!!!)

Cornwallis beach just below house

Cornwallis beach just below houseÂ


Looking west towards Manakau Harbour entrance from behind house

Looking west towards Manakau Harbour entrance from behind house





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