Rescheduling is difficult

22 Dec

As a ‘busyness exponent’, the most difficult task I have in managing my treatment is rescheduling my life to be less busy.
When you are raised having the good old Protestant work ethic drummed into you, it is difficult to amend the habits of a life-time.
My doctors, oncologist and other advisors all stress that I must look after myself now to ensure the greatest chance of extending my life-span. When other’s needs arise and there are responsibilities to discharge it is difficult to say “no”, yet that is what I know I must do.
Pain is a great adjuster.

With the low-level pain from the cancer plus the gastritis I am now suffering, I am having to treat my body with more respect. Pain has a great way of helping one rationalise what is necessary and what isn’t: whose expectations I will have to dash and whose I will meet.
It also helps overcome  the guilt feelings of turning people away!


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  1. Greg Bain

    22 December, 2008 at 8:49 pm

    If one has an agreement with those who are paying one’s income there is usually an item called ‘sick leave’.
    That means that when we are sick , we can leave things to others.

    God knows what he is doing – for your life, and for others that may think that you are the person they need right now. I’m not suggesting you drop out entirely, but simply that you continue to trust God in the day to day detail for all those who interact in your part of the world.

    Sorry if this comes across as a bit severe, but it’s not meant to given in anything but care and concern.
    Your slightly younger bro in Christ,

  2. Doug

    23 December, 2008 at 4:06 am

    I’m on sick leave at the moment – till Christmas eve. Doesn’t seem to make a lot of difference though – especially when you live on the church property!

    Part of my trouble is my Duncan gene and it is the bane (forgive the pun) of Bronwen’s life. Like my father and my siblings, I have trouble saying “no” and still have to stop to help disabled motorists, though I know very little about mechanics. (I generally offer to tow them!!) I still help lame dogs over stiles, etc.

    Bronwen has a lot more success intervening for me as I do in shielding her.

    I know I’m not the Messiah and over the last 4 years I’ve refused to ‘steady the ark’. If someone else doesn’t pick something up, then it just gets left there. It’s just that when it comes to people’s little crises, its not easy to leave them in the cold.

    Your comment was not too severe. Thanks


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