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03 Dec

I recently attended a cancer support group. Everyone shared their ‘journey’ and the ups and downs of their walk. For some who maybe have no-one else to walk with them, such a group may be useful. I found it all rather depressing. A bit like AA and other ‘dependency groups’ that just seem to focus on their weaknesses rather than moving on from them. Some people seem to ‘enjoy ill health’!

The Church is a ‘support group’ but we don’t sit around dwelling on our sinfulness, but rather the strength that is available through the Spirit of God, and encouraging one another towards higher planes through sharing victories and the Scriptures.

Yes, I have cancer. I am not in denial. I will have times of feeling down and out, but for as long as I can I want to associate with wellness, not sickness. As the angel said to Mary when she came to the tomb of Jesus, “Why seek the living among the dead?”

I am not uncaring towards others going through similar trials, but let’s celebrate life, and that more abundant if we are in Christ. That’s what I plan to do …

                                    … or die trying!!!!!!!!!

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