What is heaven like?

01 Dec

After church recently a ‘spiritual’ lady, a visitor from out of town, knowing my situation, come to me to reassure that heaven is real – she’s been there – twice!! She told me that it is so green and clean (like NZ??) and pristine in beauty. She also visited the ‘throne-room’ which she said was scarey yet attractive. And she said she was invited to dance before God which was humbling and awesome.

Now I don’t want to impugn this lady’s sincerity, but somehow I think she’s missing it. For a start, the only evidence we need that heaven is real is the fact that Jesus said so, and He rose from the dead to open the way for us to go there. 

And what does it really matter what heaven looks like? Isn’t that rather missing the point? Heaven can look like whatever it wants to – what makes it heaven is not its clean green ‘nuclear-free’ environment, but the fact that Jesus is there and we shall see Him face to face.


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  1. Paul Clutterbuck

    20 December, 2008 at 7:15 am

    I don’t think we need to be sceptical of what are commonly known as ‘near-death experiences’, which are becoming more and more common nowadays with the technological possibility of resuscitating people from comas and even death itself. According to the Association of Near-Death Studies, as many as 22 million Americans may have had this kind of experience after recovering from ‘fatal’ traumas such as car accidents and the like. The remarkable thing about NDEs is that they tell the same story in real-life experience as we read in Scripture, thus confirming that Heaven is both real and very much like the Bible has always told us it is. People who were not Christians when they had this experience have often come to faith as a result, and many nominal Christians who believed in Heaven or some sort of afterlife have gone back to a renewed practice of evangelical faith. The fact that NDEs have been scientifically verified countless times also makes this a valuable apologetic tool, in that it demonstrates the reality of Heaven and the truth of Scripture for a postmodern world.

  2. Doug

    22 December, 2008 at 9:11 am

    I have no doubt heaven is a beautiful place. My point was that most people are more interested in what they see as far as the ‘physical’ environment of heaven is concerned. What makes anyplace heaven is the presence of Jesus Christ Himself.

  3. Simeon

    22 December, 2008 at 2:06 pm

    NDE’s no more ‘demonstrate’ heaven exists than they prove that hell doesn’t exist. I’ve only heard ‘God is love and God is light’ from those who claim NDEs, never ‘God is just and I’m going to hell!’

    The suggestion that NDEs are a valuable apologetic tool warrants further consideration. Jesus himself rejects that idea when he points out in Luke 16:31 that if people don’t believe the Bible, they woudn’t be convinced even if someone came back from the dead. You’d have to agree that RESURRECTIONS trump NDEs any day of the week.

    If we can’t take God at his word that sin must be punished and that hell exists we’re certainly not going to believe someone who claims a NDE who saw a light, heard a soft voice and therefore heaven exists.

    The point is not that ‘people see stuff so that makes it real’ but ‘the Bible (Moses & the Prophets) said it – THAT makes it real.’


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