What is heaven like?

01 Dec

After church recently a ‘spiritual’ lady, a visitor from out of town, knowing my situation, come to me to reassure that heaven is real – she’s been there – twice!! She told me that it is so green and clean (like NZ??) and pristine in beauty. She also visited the ‘throne-room’ which she said was scarey yet attractive. And she said she was invited to dance before God which was humbling and awesome.

Now I don’t want to impugn this lady’s sincerity, but somehow I think she’s missing it. For a start, the only evidence we need that heaven is real is the fact that Jesus said so, and He rose from the dead to open the way for us to go there. 

And what does it really matter what heaven looks like? Isn’t that rather missing the point? Heaven can look like whatever it wants to – what makes it heaven is not its clean green ‘nuclear-free’ environment, but the fact that Jesus is there and we shall see Him face to face.


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