A topsy-turvey week with a better ending!

10 Jan

Missed out on my chemo again last Monday. Bloods OK this time, with platelets back up to 110 (from47!). Red count a little low but not sufficient to postpone the treatment.

After taking the Church service last Sunday I was feeling pretty flattened and all afternoon had acute pain in lower right liver and upper left lift that morphine didn’t help. Finally phoned Christchurch hospital (ward 27) and staff authorised increasing the dose 4 hourly until I saw the Oncologist at the scheduled Monday appointment. The Oncologist confirmed that I was having an acute reaction in 2 of the metastases and that was probably also causing the internal bleeding responsibile for the lowering of the red cell count. They immediately prescribed Cortisone and planned to admit me until I could get a CT scan to see what was going on. Fortunately the cost of a private scan would be covered by the SIRFLOX trial I am on so I was hustled over to the Private Hospital where I had the scan with results back the same afternooon!

The CT scan confirmed what the Onco believed but the good news is that it also showed a “marked decrease” in the size of the four largest metastases. It also confirmed that there are no new metastases, so every cloud has its silver lining!

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