Auckland has it all …

01 Jan

… or so they like to think!

When I reported to A & E on Monday for my Gastroscopy, the moment the Triage Nurse discovered I had been in Auckland Public Hospital I jumped the queue and was ushered into a private room where I was checked over and admitted.

After the Gastroscopy I was taken to the Oncology ward where I was given a room to myself. I did not realise immediately that it was an Isolation Ward and that I was confined to that room for the duration of my stay. Medical staff all donned special aprons to attend to me.

I assured them that I was no longer highly radio-active as it was now 19 days since the spheres were inserted. That was not what they were worried about. It was the fact that I had been in an Auckland hospital during the past 12 months.

I thought the medical staff in Christchurch must hold their Auckland counterparts in very high esteem to fast-track admission for people who have been in their care. Not so.

Auckland is cursed with a deadly strain of Staphloccci (MRSA) that has not yet reaced the South Island. This bug has developed immunity to antibiotics and proves fatal. It is common overseas and in the North Island. South Island hospitals want to keep it out as long as they can, hence the urgent precautions and additional tests I had to undergo.

Aucklanders like to think they have everything but the rest of NZ does not always want what they have to offer.

Every cloud has a silver lining though. It meant I had my own room with my own TV and personalised attention. I could also sleep without ear-plugs! Thankyou Auckland.

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