Big decisions to be made

10 Jan

It’s been a long week. It is amazing how much of one’s life gets taken up with managing one’s own treatment and care needs to be taken that Cancer doesn’t consume the life, not just the body!

The Oncologist is a little concerned about my lifestyle, living on the property in a public situation, in the middle of a tourist town, where I have a high profile. I am finding it difficult to get the rest from duties, travel and other responsibilities of life. Amidst much protest from me, I have been ‘officially’ referred for consideration or a Disability Benefit with WINZ as from last Monday.

I know we pay taxes for such socialised medicine but while one is happy for other deserving people to receive it, one always tries to live without it – another example of ‘pride’ I guess! Affects us in so many insidious ways does it not?

We have some big decisions to make over coming weeks. My body seems to be responding well with all the natural juicing and food changes we’ve made. Haven’t gone ‘fanatical’ and done the vegan thing but fortunately it is summer and there are lots of lovely fresh fruits available. I’ve been steadily maintaining ph levels of between 6.6 (Lowest) to 7.8 with most being around 6.8 – 7.4.


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