Cancerous society

27 Jan

I’ve been reading some of the lame excuses offered on behalf of offenders in our courts. There is a mentality that suggests that society causes people’s problems, therefore society must pay the consequences of its neglect of these misunderstood criminals: that our emphasis should not be upon punishment but on rehabilitating these poor lost souls. There are lobby groups agitating for more sensible sentences for some our worst offenders who are presently slapped across the wrist with a wet bus ticket before being released back into society. 

I wonder how oncologists would respected if they treated cancer in the body the way the politicians, psychiatrists and social workers treat cancers within society. The oncologist must be gentle with the poor misguided cells rampantly spreading in rebellion within the body. The medical profession should show them mercy in the hope that they may be rehabilitated.

I am happy my oncologist does not see cancer in that manner. Instead she and the nursing staff are dedicated to cutting it out, and/or suffocating its life. Their intent is not that other cells will be warned against becoming rebel cells, or to encourage some of those errant cells to mend their ways and to once again become productive members of an otherwise healthy body.

There are cancers within society that need to be cut out and deprived of the resources that allow them to thrive at the expense of the rest of society.

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