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31 Jan

Had my appointment with the oncologist who immediately made comment about how good I looked the night she saw us at the Malabar restaurant and how scruffy she and her family looked. She was pleased to see me enjoying life to the max. She was also encouraged by how quickly I am bouncing back after each dose of chemo, even allowing for the delays which are allowable under the trial protocols. There had been debate about giving me a reduced dose but because of my attitude and ‘bounce-back body’ they decided to go with the full dose again. I’m happy with that.

I am not sure if my recovery rate is because of what I am not eating or because of what I am eating. Or maybe its as Solomon said in one of his proverbs: “The spirit of a man sustains him in his infirmity.” I’m just happy I am not having the huge negative side-effects that are possible.

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