God always brightens the road

01 Jan

I was feeling a bit down (Bronwen says ‘depressed’) at having to go into Christchurch on Monday for the Gastroscopy. Constant heavy pain is very wearying and I was asking her in none to hopeful tones how long I must put up with the pain.

Thanks to the Auckland ‘bug’ I did not have to wait for hours in the A & E waiting room. I was whisked into a private room where the Oncology Registrar ‘just happened’ to be attending a patient in an adjacent room. I had seen this doctor around the Oncology Department on other occasions because he is chinese and I am attracted to anyone with Asiatic blood.

While he attended me, he wanted to know what I do, whereupon he volunteered that he and his wife came from Kuching and were considering volunteering for mission work in Myanmar with OMF (formerly CIM, the mission my parents were with in China). He attends a Chinese church in Christchurch where the choir and music group had held a retreat in our church hall in Hanmer Springs the year before. His wife had been in the group. I remembered their visit well.

That encounter perked up my day immensely and Bronwen and I both later commented how God always sets someone along the way to cheer us when we most need it.

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