Is there a ‘Job’ factor?

01 Jan

I’ve just returned home from three days in hospital. Since 3 days after having the radio-active spheres inserted I have been experiencing strong pain in the stomach and abdomen. On some occasions it has been so strong I have not been able to make myself comfortable for several hours. My only medication has been 2 Paracetamol four times daily and over the last week, 20mg Losac morning and night. On Monday morning, I phoned the research nurse in Christchurch, who after consulting the Oncologist, advised me to come in to the hospital for a gastroscopy.

Monday afternoon I had the procedure and was admitted for the night.  There was a suspicion one of the spheres might have moved from the liver into the duodenum that was very inflamed. I also had gastritis in the stomach. The doctors kept me another night and a third as they sought to control the pain. Instead, Bronwen and I saw the new year in at our friend’s place in in Christchurch before returning to Hanmer Springs. (We also considered it would be quieter in Christchurch than at home where we live right over the road from the hotels and halls where the New Year celebrations would be rowdy)

I was ‘reprimanded’ for the Duncan gene that accepts pain as a part of life and when it strikes, one just gets on with it! The doctors informed me the situation could have become more serious and that while the body is focusing on fighting pain, it is diverted from dealing with the issue that has caused it. My collection of drugs has now grown and includes Morphine as well as some to rebuild the linings of the stomach and duodenum.

What a way to end 2008. Every procedure I’ve had so far has had added complications.

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