It is not all ‘peaches and cream’

26 Jan

There are many frustrations when one walks into a dark valley and sometimes they get on top of a person. It is not only hard for the ‘patient’ who is not being patient. It is also very hard on the carer who sometimes finds they need caring themselves.
There are moments when there are clashes of expectations, and emotional defences are weak. Bronwen and I are human and have such moments. I’m not always the mild-mannered man and she is sometimes the immovable object. Sometimes we are blind to each other’s needs.
After one such occasion recently, I put pen to paper and wrote the following little poem. I hope it blesses someone both to know other people react badly too, and also to know there is a Helper who picks us up, dusts us down, and points us in the right direction again.


Two wounded dragons* passed by o’er two days
Both in such pain as they mooched on their ways:
He could not make himself heard for her ears;
She grappled frustrations while facing her fears.
He did not realise he’s not long to go;
She – much to do with him now, then to cope!
Clashes of pain, of hopes and lost dreams;
Time may be less than originally seemed.
But God quenched the fires, lanced the shock, gave them back
The arms to embrace and all else that they lacked.

(DSD – January 2009)

*Bronwen has no objection to the use of the word ‘dragons’ as she agrees that probably best described our demeanors.

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