Life is never dull

10 Jan

After missing my normal chemo session on Monday, I returned on Wednesday to see how the Cortisone was affecting things.

On that visit, Bronwen had one of her heart synchope turns in the car on the way to the hospital. She managed to walk into the Oncology Day Ward with me but then had to lie on the examination bed herself for an hour or so to recover.

It added a bit of variety to the Onco’s and Research nurse’s day!  

Unfortunately, although I had bounced back quickly, there were no last minute cancellations in the day room so Bronwen and I have had to stay in Christchurch for the week waiting for someone else to have a low blood count.

We finally got one for 9am Friday morning. That means we will be here till Sunday morning when we return to Ward 27 to get the needle out and then dawdle home Sunday afternoon.

It has once again entirely ruled us out of being able to attend a family wedding in Auckland this weekend. Why do young people have to schedule their weddings at such inconvenient times – perhaps it’ll be quieter without me there!

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