Tribulation works patience …

24 Jan

In the TV series, Hogan’s Heroes, Colonel Klink the prison-camp commander would say, “Ve have vays of making you talk!”

God is Lord over all the earth and as a benevolent King says, “We have ways of making you rest!”

After a couple of frustrating weeks, I had to miss chemo again on Friday because my platelets were VERY low again. Everything gets set back one week. (If anyone knows how to lift platelet levels, please let me know)

Being the person I am, I like everything to be done pronto. Now that I’m in the programme, I naturally want to get stuck in and get the 12 fortnightly chemo sessions done and dusted. But being the person I am, there is still a deal of Godly character to be done in me, not the least being resting and not driving life at my speed. So God has ways of making me rest, and one of those is to delay the chemo and make me rest and trust his good providence.

We have our daughter Philippa and her family from Winchelsea in Victoria here with us for 10 days so an added blessing in all of this is that I’m not enduring any side-effects from treatment while they are here.

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