When a nosebleed is a blessing

31 Jan

8 days ago I was cursing a nosebleed where I lost 200ml blood due to low platelets. That meant my chemo appointment had to be delayed till yesterday (Friday).

Last night I had another small nosebleed at 4am during which I discovered there were prowlers around our back fence, car and the church. I turned the outside light on and went out in my underwear shorts – that was their first fright! They retreated to the village green over the road and started vandalising signs and things. I followed at a discreet distance and took some long range photos. The flash going off was their second fright – fortunately they could not tell where they were coming from but they imagined they’d been captured on film. I then came inside and dialled 111 (something I should have done first) but was able to give a good description. The police turned up about 10 min later when everything was quiet so I don’t know if they got the guys. If they did, then that would be their third fright.

Nosebleeds can be a blessing!


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