Play it out!

03 Feb

Does a child on a merry-go-round mourn because he knows he ride will end, or does he milk the time available for the optimal experience and enjoyment?

Does a footballer drop his head in injury time when the referee signals “2 minutes left to play”?

Does an orchestra leave its seats before the last note is played and the applause dies?

With cancer spreading the shadow of death over my life, many people are advising me to ‘ease off’, ‘take time for me’, and renege on my responsibilities to the Kingdom of God and family. But should I?

Jesus promised us life to the maximum (“life more abundantly”). It seems to me that Christians who pine for heaven and long for the ‘rapture’ are taking their hands off the plough, despising the salvation mandate, and not playing the game of life out to the very end.

The worker squeezes an extra minute into his day for love of his task. The hunter scales one more ridge in search of his quarry.

So I got too engrossed in the fight!
So I had a death sentence passed on me!
So I forgot the referee holds the whistle!
I don’t know how much injury time has been added to the game, but no matter. Though my guts ache and my legs get tired, I intend to play out the game appointed to me with every ounce of energy I have left.

I am still going to plan as if I have 25 years but I will be ready to go when the coach decides to sub me. I will not be withdrawing from life, but going deeper into relationships with God, wife and family. I will endeavour to gain greater insights and understanding of the Master’s plan: loving, doing, pursuing, enjoying, and taking every day as a gift.

I am determined to play it out.


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