Hard work getting to rest!

10 Mar

The Bible talks about “labouring to enter into rest”. It’s not an easy task.

We have this Hope of a time of rest and recuperation in Nelson, but to get to realise that Hope is hard work.

Bronwen and I move to Nelson at the beginning of April and the removalist’s truck arrives on 30th March. In the meantime we are having to downsize our extensive library and rationalise furniture to sort what we will take and what we will leave behind. We have five piles of boxes: Boxes to go into storage in Nelson; boxes to go to the house in Nelson; boxes of articles for the garage sale before we leave; boxes to go to 2nd-hand book-shops; and boxes to go to recycling. There is another pile of stuff for the rubbish dump.

To get around the house is like picking one’s path through a maze. In the midst of the sorting and packing, Bronwen is still helping at the school for a couple of hours a day; we are home-schooling Abraham (a real joy) and I am fitting in some pastoral appointments, sermon preparation, and treatment schedules.

But always before us is ‘the Hope’. We will enjoy the promise of ‘entering into the rest’ that is in Nelson. In the meantime, there is much labouring to get there.

Fortunately my health and energy levels are still good.

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