Latest scan results

16 Mar

Although I missed out on chemo last week I did get the results of the last CT scan and they showed continued reductions in the metastases they are monitoring. The scans only take a cross-section of the tumours so we assume the depth is also reducing as well as the width and length. 

The sizes in March, compared with the sizes in February are as follows:

Liver segment 2: (5 Feb 09) 18mm x 10mm;  (3 Mar 09) 18mm x 9mm

Liver segment 4A: (5/2/09) 16mm x 10mm;  (3/3/09) 13mm x 10mm

Liver segment 5: (5/2/09) 7mm x 7mm; (3/3/09) 7mm x 6mm

Liver segment 6: (5/2/09) 7mm x 6mm; (3/3/09) 5 ?? [seems to be an incomplete reading – DD]

If the cross-sectional area is diminishing, I am hopeful the cubic measurement is also reducing proportionately. I have been given no indication about what is happening to the primary tumour. The assumption is that it will diminish along with the Oncologist’s main concern – the secondaries in the liver. I am told the primary growth will only be dealt with if it obstructs or causes other problems.


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