Meeting a fellow-traveller

26 Mar

Last Sunday morning there was a man in church who was visiting from Dunedin. We knew of him through our sister-in-law who is a nurse at the hospice where this man, Tim, is a doctor. Tim has exactly the same condition as I have and has also had the radio-active spheres inserted in his liver. He has a lively faith too and we went to lunch together to compare notes. He is a few months ahead of me and has just completed his round of chemo. Tim’s metastases in the liver have also shown marked decrease, as mine have, and he looks pretty good. We were able to discuss numerous things and it was helpful having a specialist’s inside and personal knowledge of the condition. Bronwen and I were greatly encouraged by their visit and will maintain contact with them as fellow travellers on the cancer trail.

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  1. Allan

    28 March, 2009 at 12:55 pm

    Against the dualist’s perversion, the human body has been forever consecrated, forever sanctified, and forever raised above all the mortal ills our present adamic human body falls prey to (because it participates in the consequences of his fall) by the existing in Heaven of the human body of the victorious and glorious risen Jesus Christ of Nazareth, a human. Yes, the Second Person of the eternal Trinity, but now a human, in His human body. Stunning! “What is man, that You have thus visited him!?”

    And every regenerate saint even now enjoys ownership of title to their own identification with that glorious imperishable holy body, with the date of our full enjoyment of that possession soon to come.

    There can be no sickness in that coming body, as there will be no more death, sickness being merely death’s herald.

    There, we won’t talk there about the things that occupy our minds here because we’re universally subject to them. The weather. The economy. Sickness.

    By the Scriptures we have seen into Heaven. And there, there is such an amazing thing to behold, that it fully fills the mind of every citizen of the eternal city. The Lamb, that is at one and the same time, its Temple and its Sun. So radiantly glorious that nothing else is worth talking about.

    By our Fore-runner’s second advent, or by our prior natural death, WE SHALL BE CHANGED, INTO HIS IMAGE. That as we have borne (sufferingly) the image of fallen 1st Adam, so then, will we forever bear (gloriously) the image of the LAST Adam, THE MAN in Heaven


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