Missed again!

16 Mar

I was supposed to have chemo again last Friday but once again my platelets were too low (69 where minimum is 75). I had a feeling this might happen as I’d had a couple of very minor nose bleeds during the week and that is usually a sign. It was frustrating having to turn around and drive back to Hanmer, only to return to Christchurch this coming Friday instead. Each time we go to Chrischurch we schedule other appointments to make the most of our time there so that was one compensation.

This postponement will mean that the chemo on 20th March will be the last in Christchurch. The next will be in Nelson after our move there on 1st April. It also means that the week of our move will not be immediately after a treatment session which would make things more tiring.

All in all then, a useful outcome. The Lord governs our times and seasons and all delays have to pass through His schedule and work out in His and our best interests in the long run.

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