Still enjoying life

10 Mar

In spite of the disastrous surgical procedure to insert a porta-cath into my chest at the start of my treatment regime, I am enjoying not having to have PICC-line attached to my arm. That would require weekly dressing and would impede a lot of normal activity, as well as be a constant reminder that ‘I am sick’! The porta-cath sits inside my chest just under my left shoulder and apart from a lump, enables me to go swimming and carry on a normal active life.

To prove I can still enjoy life, here is a picture of our grandson Abraham and I in the children’s pool at the Hanmer Springs Hot pools. He is standing on my hands about to be propelled into a back flip. He is a water baby and loves the pools. Sorry, you can’t see the porta-cath lump in this view, but I still have my hair!

Abe and Grandad at Hanmer Springs Hot Pools

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  1. Allan

    11 March, 2009 at 7:35 am

    Thanks Doug for taking time to keep us all up-to-date like this, so we can know how it’s going with you both, without having to make you answer all our individual enquiries.

    I’m right now remembering how we prayed for a suffering sister at Nelson many years ago, and the inspiration and instructor in faith in God she was. Faith’s greatest prayer always was & will be the one that was prayed by the God-Man in Gethsemane. May the trust and that confidence that creates that prayer be yours and Bronwen’s also and carry you both through this trial triumphant in that Holy Will.

    A & M


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