Still enjoying life

10 Mar

In spite of the disastrous surgical procedure to insert a porta-cath into my chest at the start of my treatment regime, I am enjoying not having to have PICC-line attached to my arm. That would require weekly dressing and would impede a lot of normal activity, as well as be a constant reminder that ‘I am sick’! The porta-cath sits inside my chest just under my left shoulder and apart from a lump, enables me to go swimming and carry on a normal active life.

To prove I can still enjoy life, here is a picture of our grandson Abraham and I in the children’s pool at the Hanmer Springs Hot pools. He is standing on my hands about to be propelled into a back flip. He is a water baby and loves the pools. Sorry, you can’t see the porta-cath lump in this view, but I still have my hair!

Abe and Grandad at Hanmer Springs Hot Pools

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