Tumour markers

10 Mar

At my last appointment with the Oncologist I enquired about the results of the CEA (Carcinoembryonic antigen) tests. Taken at the time of my blood tests, this measures a protein in the blood that is called a tumour marker. I was told that on their own they do not mean a lot but give an indication of what is happening to tumours within the body. Often the first indication some people have that they have cancer is an increase in the marker count. The normal count is between 0 and 2.5, although some smokers and heavy drinkers can have a level of 5 without having cancer. 

When I began treatment my cancer marker level was 45. At the last blood test it had dropped to 5. I asked the Oncologist if that meant I would become a centenarian but she assured me that the best it indicates is that the treatment may have bought me more time.

I am grateful for all mercies, and to me that is a good one.

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