Constantly amazed

26 Apr

I’m constantly amazed at how things are proceeding at present. It’s hard sometimes to remember the seriousness of my situation and I guess one tends to learn to live with it. 

Last Wednesday I had my 9th course of chemo (2nd here in Nelson). During the week leading up to the treatment I had been working in close proximity with a builder who had a cold and chest infection. Bronwen also succumbed to it. Rebekah, whose house we are staying at while our house is without power and water, also contracted the bug and the grandchildren also had bad coughs.

With my defences always struggling to make par, I was amazed to discover that the blood test before the latest chemo showed platelets at 81 (min 75) and neutraphils at 2 (min 1). Some tests have had my neutraphils at between .98 and 1.2 but this time, surrounded by infections and bugs, I’ve been able to stay free and score more than usual in the tests!

This week I return to Christchurch for another update CT Scan and visit with my primary Oncologists to review the state of the metastases.


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