Is God merciful or what?

19 Apr

Each time I go for blood tests I only just manage to achieve the absolute minimum levels for platelet counts and neutrafils (the antigens that fight infection). Because of my vulnerability to infections I am supposed to keep away from anyone who is not well, but what happens if the infection is within the family circle?

This morning, only Abe, Phoebe and I attended church. Bronwen has been laid low with a heavy chest cold and throat infection since Friday, and yesterday Rebekah went down with it too. Abe and Phoebe have been coughing a bit but are not listless like their mother and grandmother. All last week we have been working around our builder who has been battling the same infection and been on antibiotics. (I tried to avoid being too close to him but it wasn’t always possible)

Having only had chemo 10 days ago, my platelet count and neutrafils would have been well below the critical level, yet God in His mercy has so far preserved me from getting the infection myself. I am not presuming on His goodness, but give thanks that at least one of us is fit enough to tend the others and the children.

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