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08 Apr

Had my first visit to the Nelson hospital yesterday when I met the local oncologist. She is an old friend of my Christchurch specialist and they roomed together in London. 

Today I went for my 8th chemo treatment (out of 12) and the first in Nelson. Surprisingly the Nelson set-up seems more modern than the Christchurch treatment room. The room, and the machines are better and its like an open-plan classroom. I counted 14 being treated around the room yet each person was able to be private if they wanted to. I have been appointed my own oncology nurse for the duration and she will follow me up and even visit me at home! Wonderful service.

As for the meals …! In Christchurch we had to buy our own from the hospital cafe although the Cancer Society provided a $6.50 subsidy and a volunteer took the orders. In Nelson I was presented with a menu and it was all free. Glad I haven’t lost my appetite. I had a chunky vege soup and wholemeal bread, fisherman’s pie topped with mashed potato, followed by yoghurt and a banana.

The best part of it all was being able to leave home at 10.45am for an 11am appointment and being home at 2.15 after leaving the hospital at 2pm.

Once again I only just scraped in with my blood tests. My platelets were 79 (min 75) and neutrafils 1 (min 1)! The 46 hour pump that administers the Folfox dose has to be strapped to me until Good Friday but Bronwen is able to remove the line from my Portacath rather than me having to go back to the hospital. She has all the toxic waste containers and gear to do the job. She does it very tenderly too.


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