No time for introversion

19 Apr

Since coming to Nelson two weeks ago, we have had no time to sit around navel-gazing. We had planned to settle in for a couple of weeks and plan the alterations we intend to make to the service areas of the house. Instead, the friend who is supervising and helping with the alterations came to look at the job three days after we arrived and decided he could start immediately. We arrived on Wednesday evening: by Monday evening the pantry was gone.

Things have moved at great pace and we have been making decisions about joinery and appliances on the run. Fortunately we had a good idea of what we wanted before we came. Renovating an old house requires other ‘on-the-spot’ decisions as well when unusual discoveries are made beneath the wallboards.

Presently we are living in a caravan on the property our daughter, Rebekah, is renting while the electrician, plumber and carpenters apply their skills. We have also been blessed with voluntary help from friends with various other tasks as well. It has been busy, busy, busy, but refreshingly so. I have chemo again this coming week, depending on my blood tests. Having stuff to do certainly keeps one’s mind focused away from any physical ailments lurking under the surface.

God is gracious and life is good

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