Praying for a miracle

20 Apr

A religious man discovers that he has testicular cancer, and decides to pray for a miracle. 

The next day he visits a urologist, who tells him he must have surgery immediately. He tells the doctor “I do not want you to remove my testicle, I am praying for a miracle from God”. 

Then he visits a radiologist, who tells him that he must begin radiation therapy immediately. He tells the doctor “I do not want you to expose my body to radiation, I am putting my faith in God.” 

Finally he visits an oncologist, who tells him that he must start chemotherapy immediately. He tells the doctor “I do not want you to inject me with caustic chemicals, God will heal me.” 

A few months later he dies and goes to heaven, where he is very upset and asks God why he didn’t give him a miracle. God replies “I gave you three miracles, a urologist, an oncologist and a radiologist, but you chose to ignore them.”

I thank God for His many agents of healing, and whether its through them or by some other means, I’m still praying for a miracle.

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  1. Raymond Phang

    8 June, 2009 at 11:25 pm

    Dear Ps Doug,

    Heard of your siuation by Bro Low Weng Soon. Have not check your facebook for such a long time. I want to share an experience regarding the joke you shared on “Praying For A Miracle”. This was just over a year ago when my father-inlaw got contracted with prostate cancer. We brought him to the urologist and discover that there were some placelets maglinant. We were worried but had a fantastic doctor who was a dear Christian Friend. He was to visit an Oncologist or visit a Radiologist. But, Praise God, we pray for him and we managed to find a urologist with robotics to have his testicles removed. The surgery took place just a year ago with much agony and recommendation from the earlier urologist which used to perform as the Head of surgeon in the General Hospital KL. There are three (3) robotics machinery or similar capacity in Malaysia either the Petronas Twin Towers or in Johor and finally the KL General Hospital. There are only 3 top surgeons in Malaysia able to operate the machinery. Finally, we managed to fix an appointment (3 months wait) with the surgeon Murali, KL and the surgery took some 10 hours to perform. My father-in-law responded well with the surgery and also the medications. He had to go on diapers because he can hold his urine. But today, he is free from cancer now and took the advice fast enough to get the testicles removed. Don’t you think this is a miracle? From the clinic, to Doctor and the Decision he made, nothing forgetting our Lord Jesus heard our prayers.


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