Staying bouyant in the storms

20 Apr

I met with my new Nelson doctor today for appraisal and formal transfer from the Hanmer Springs clinic. He was our old family doctor and he also attended Bronwen’s mother in her final battle with cancer back in 1990/91. He was pleasantly surprised at how well I look and encouraged me to continue to hold a confident outlook towards the future.

I also had my second fortnightly visit with the Nelson Oncologist. She laughed when she heard how I have so far managed to avoid the virilent infection that has invaded our household, and that I have instead been attending the sick. Her amazement stems from the fact that my immune system takes a hammering with each chemo treatment and barely recovers to the minimum levels required for further treatment each two weeks. I interpreted her laugh as a laugh of praise to ‘the unknown God”, and another indicator of the gracious goodness of the God I know. 

To cap it off, my blood tests today showed that my platelet and neutraphil levels have actually recovered two days early so that I will have treatment on schedule again this Wednesday.

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