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Humerous rejoinders from the mouths of children…!

The other evening we had take-away food for dinner. At the end of her meal Rebekah discussed with Abe and Phoebe how they were enjoying their food. Both Abe and Phoebe had the same food that was different to what Rebekah had eaten. She asked if she could have a taste of their food. Abe shook his head but Phoebe, in her usual kind-hearted way, offered a piece of her food to her mother. Becky gratefully took a large bite and handed the rest back to Phoebe. Before Becky could ask Abe for a bite of his food he stated, “And mine tastes just the same, Mum!”

The rest of us broke up with laughter.

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More good news

Yesterday I had my fortnightly appointment with the Nelson Oncologist prior to further chemo tomorrow. 

We have been very busy with the alterations on the house over recent weeks and in the midst of the bustle I have often forgotten to take my Losec and Panadol medications. I discussed this with the Onco who has agreed that as from yesterday I can come off all medication (other than the two-weekly chemo of which there are are 2 – 3 more sessions).

I have been told to retain the pills and use them if and when I may need them. I thank God for bringing me this far. My digestive system seems to have returned to normal and I am experiencing no pain from any of my cancers.

Bronwen and I are looking forward to moving back into our house later this week. She commented that our ‘year of rest’ has so far consisted of quality time as we travelled up and down to Christchurch for treatment. We have grabbed the odd moment between packing and moving; renovating the house, and entertaining the many wonderful people who keep dropping in to lend us their encouragement and support.

Living with our daughter Rebekah and the two children for the past 4 weeks has been amazingly amicable, however we are looking forward to being together on our own in our own place later this week. We are just about peopled out!

Through it all God’s amazing sustaining grace has strengthened us and kept us all joyful.


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On the cusp of a miracle?

When the research nurse cuddled me last week it may have been because I was on the way out and she was sorry to see me go, or else she had good news. You judge. Here are the results of the latest CT scan:

Liver segment 2: 7mm (size of a small pea) – originally 37mm x 20mm (30.10.08)

Liver segment 4a: Not visible – originally 29mm x 22mm (30.10.08)

Liver segment 5: Not visible – originally 22mm x 14mm (30.10.08)

Liver segment 6: Not visible – originally 12mm x 12mm (30.10.08)

Liver segment 7 peripherally: Not visible – was 3mm on 5 Feb 09 scan

Liver segment 7 centrally: Not visible – was 4mm on 5 Feb 09 scan

New Lesions: None

Primary rectal tumour: significantly improved. Only minor thickening remains

Liver enhancement is now normal.

Conclusion: Almost complete radiological response.

CEA Blood Cancer markers 2.6 (normal range for someone without cancer is 0 – 3)


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When your Nurse gives you a cuddle!

Last Thursday I had my latest CT scan in Christchurch as part of the followup for the SIRFLOX trial I am on. The review of the results was at Christchurch hospital with the Oncologist and the Research Nurse. Imagine my surprise when Bronwen and I arrived in the waiting room to be greeted by our research nurse who gave us both a huge hug and referred to me as their ‘star’ patient! She kept us in suspense though, telling us she would say no more but let the Oncologist discuss the results with us. I was content with just the cuddle at that stage!


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