On the cusp of a miracle?

08 May

When the research nurse cuddled me last week it may have been because I was on the way out and she was sorry to see me go, or else she had good news. You judge. Here are the results of the latest CT scan:

Liver segment 2: 7mm (size of a small pea) – originally 37mm x 20mm (30.10.08)

Liver segment 4a: Not visible – originally 29mm x 22mm (30.10.08)

Liver segment 5: Not visible – originally 22mm x 14mm (30.10.08)

Liver segment 6: Not visible – originally 12mm x 12mm (30.10.08)

Liver segment 7 peripherally: Not visible – was 3mm on 5 Feb 09 scan

Liver segment 7 centrally: Not visible – was 4mm on 5 Feb 09 scan

New Lesions: None

Primary rectal tumour: significantly improved. Only minor thickening remains

Liver enhancement is now normal.

Conclusion: Almost complete radiological response.

CEA Blood Cancer markers 2.6 (normal range for someone without cancer is 0 – 3)


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