A little apprehensive

24 Jun

Bronwen and I have arrived in Christchurch with James, our eldest child visiting from the USA, for the CT scan on Thursday and appointment with our main Oncologist on Friday.

After the dramatic progress evidenced by the last scan,I must confess to being a trifle nervous about this one. What if it is still there? Treatments can deal with 99.9% of the cancer cells, but if one remains, it becomes immune to those treatments and eventually has sons and daughters and grandsons and grandaughters and away it goes again – only this time more aggressively.

I am retaining an even keel as I approach the appoinmtents and quietly hopeful.

Immediately after Friday’s appointment we have to drive straight back to Nelson (5.5hrs) so I won’t get anything posted before Saturday. 

Watch this space on Saturday for the outcome.


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