Last ‘official’ chemo

20 Jun

Last week I had my twelfth round of chemo – delayed one week because of low platelets again. 

That is it now until I have the result of my next scan next week. 

I won’t be sorry to have a break from it. The effects are cumulative and so are the side-effects. I have been getting concerned that the tingling sensation and neurophathy in the tips of my fingers is lasting from one chemo treatment to the next, where it used to go after 4 – 6 days. I do not want the problem to become permanent so irrespective of the scan results, I am at least considering taking a chemo rest for a few months.

Had a pretty rough week after the treatment with nausea, neuropathy and general tiredness which was a pity as we had our two sons, both daughters and 3 grandies (1 from Canberra) at home for a visit.

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