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19 Jul

I’m used to looking at myself in the mirror. On Friday I got a different view of myself.

I had to submit to a sigmoidoscopy to examine the site of my primary cancer. The surgeon decided I didn’t need any sedation so the nurse gave me back my glasses so that I could see on the surgeon’s TV monitor what he would be looking at.

Most interesting!!

The surgeon was very informative, explaining everything he saw to me and viewing the site of the cancer from different angles. He took several photos so that he can discuss the situation with the surgical and oncology team in Christchurch. I was encouraged by his comments as he did not seem to think the situation is as grave (no pun intended!) as he had first thought. He described evidence of response to treatment thus far.

This week I visit Christchurch for another CT scan so that the Oncologist and Research team can verify that the Liver is indeed free of metastases. The next day I will have an MRI scan which will give a detailed picture of the primary cancer and how that has responded. The results of the MRI plus the surgeon’s analysis of the Sigmoidoscopy should give them and me a clearer picture of whether any further treatments will be needed in the immediate future.

In between these appointments I am blessed and thankful to have made it to my 64th birthday! It does not pay to take birthdays for granted. Last September I had doubts about being able to enjoy this one. Now I have my sights set on enjoying a few more.

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