Swings and roundabouts

26 Jul

Same playground; different toys.

Last Wednesday I had a CT scan in Christchurch to confirm the earlier findings about the liver. The results were again very positive: No trace of cancer in the liver and no signs of disease in nodes either. Cancer markers in the blood were 2.9 (last time 3.3; normal range 1 – 5).

The following day I had an MRI scan at the Public Hospital to investigate the status of the Primary cancer in the rectum. Those results took a bit longer but were needed together with the sigmoidoscopy results for a meeting of the specialist team of surgeons, radiologists, oncologists, etc in Christchurch on Monday morning, 27th July.

Because of the good result with the liver, normal liver function and the cancer markers, the doctor suggested my symptoms relating to the primary cancer were a bit of a mystery. Hence the scheduling of the MRI in the hope that all will be revealed in that scan.

The ups and downs of the journey keep you on your toes, stop you becoming arrogant about good results or presumptuous about ultimate outcomes.

Hope is a great and a real strength when it is anchored outside of oneself upon the Rock of Ages. Mediation techniques promoted by the Cancer Society, designed to help sufferers “centre” themselves, unfortunately are founded on Buddhist techniques and have no anchor outside the subjectivity of one’s own thoughts and spirit.

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