Do you know anyone who has cancer?

28 Aug

If so, you must buy or hire a copy of the DVD “Jonna’s Body, please hold” to share with them. It is poignant, relevant and funny. It is described as a “cancerous dark comedy”. Jonna Tomases is a triple cancer survivor and she performs a one person play in which the various organs of the body call in to “telephone central” as her body reacts to both cancer and the treatment. Jonna recently visited NZ and performed her award-winning play in Auckland, Wellington and Nelson with all the proceeds from ticket sales going to the Cancer Society.

The review of the Wellington show can be seen on the NZ Theatre Review site. Bronwen and I went to the show and we both laughed and cried as we related to various incidents and comments. It will buck anyone’s spirits up. We were so impressed that we bought an extra copy of the DVD and donated it to the Christchurch Cancer Society Jonna did not visit that city so they missed out.

Now that I am having daily radiation therapy, I find myself remembering the DVD version (which has numerous characters playing the parts of the body). As I lie on the table with the machine buzzing its rays into the affected area, I like to think I can hear those rogue cells screaming at the bombardment and cursing their fate. All the time I think to myself, “Die you rogue cells, die”. Other names for these ‘motherless children cells’ come to mind but I prefer not to use them!

Visit Jonna Tomases’ site. She is an amazing woman and the movie version of her show has won numerous awards. Get a group of cancer sufferers and survivors around and have a group viewing in your house. They will be glad you did and you will make some wonderful friends out of it.


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