Right by Christmas??

13 Aug

Went to Christchurch last Monday (10th) to be ‘lined up’ and marked for my course of radiation. It was called a radiation planning session. I was placed on the bed under a CT scanner and they lined my body up, measured distances etc, focused the camera guns on the tumour area, then tattooed me (I’ve now joined the ‘tattoo cult’!). When I return for my first treatment on 25th August the radiation gun will aim at the tattoo marks – one on each hip and one on the front. The treatments will be 5 days per week so according to my reckoning the final treatment will be on 1st October. I’ve been told it takes 4 – 6 weeks for things to settle down after that.

The next day we had an appointment with the Nelson surgeon. He will be informed when my last radiation session has been completed and will then slot me in for surgery 6 – 8 weeks later (around mid-November by the sound of it). I will be in hospital for 10 – 14 days after that.

The surgeon also gave me the photos, in technicolour, of the tumour as viewed through the sigmoidoscope. Very interesting to see the tumour and its reach but for obvious reasons I will not post the pics on my blog!

All sounds like fun but at least I should be able to dance again by Christmas. I’ve been told I’ll be able to play golf when its all over – that’s excellent, because I was no good at it before!


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