There, but for the grace of God …

31 Aug

I received word that the lady in the Hanmer Springs church I pastored until April, who was diagnosed with secondary cancer last September, at the same time as I was, passed away at 4.50pm today.

I shared communion with her Sunday week ago when I was in Hanmer and that was very moving. Many people expected me to go first because her secondaries were not in any major organ compared with the state of the secondaries in my liver. Her passing is very sobering for me and a case of “there but for the grace of God go I”.

As I promised her, I will conduct the funeral on Friday afternoon. I may have to rearrange some of my own radiation treatment times though! She was only 59, a solo mother with children and grandchildren and was a Christian at peace through her final days. Sadly, her family are not presently believers and it won’t be the easiest funeral I’ve taken for obvious personal reasons.

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