26 Aug

Started the radiation treatment yesterday (Tuesday) and so far so good – well, this early you wouldn’t expect anything else would you. Before the first bombardment I was given an education session where everything was explained in great detail again (to cover their backsides!)

The first four sessions are accompanied by x-rays to make sure everything lines up properly. It all takes about 5 minutes at this stage but should get quicker when they no longer have to do the x-rays.

I have been given a list of all the appointments and they are at all times of the day. The earliest will be at 7:50am in the days they do maintenance on the machines.

I am having chemo (FU5) by tablet concurrently. I know I’m not a great fan of socialised medicine but when I can get a $900, 21-day supply for $3, I’ll shelve my principles and be a hypocrite for a month or two!

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