Apologies for frankness

27 Sep

Someone close to me has suggested one of my latest blog entries borders on being crude. If others feel the same, I apologise. I know it would be a lot more polite to write about my condition if I had cancer of my finger, but where I have it is often the butt of jokes anyway (sorry – couldn’t help myself!). In the midst of all the pain the area is causing me at the moment, I’ve got to turn into into a laughing matter somehow. Most of you know I’ve never been particularly PC!

I will write more factual stuff as I find out about it from medical reports and analysis of progress so far.

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  1. Philippa

    27 September, 2009 at 11:09 pm

    Sometimes the only way to get through a difficult situation is to find the comedy in it. No need to apologise. If your sense of humour can carry you through such a painful time, then I say ‘go for it’. Anyone who has been through rectal cancer will definately understand, anyone who has been through childbirth will probably understand and anyone else who has ever been constipated or had diarrhea will probably try and understand. I admire the way you have tackled this challenge and am very proud of you. (Anyway, morphine does make you do things you wouldn’t normally do…… purchasing a set of pilates DVD’s while lying on the couch with a fractured coccyx!!!)


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